FAQ / Shipping

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How long my order will be processed?

Each order will be processed within 24 to 48 hrs.

2. I have duplicate order. One is paid and the other is unpaid (or status show awaiting payment). How to cancel the unpaid order?

Please do not worry, if it is unpaid order. We will NOT process any unpaid order and you can always email us at admin@aikawaii.com as soon as possible so we can cancel the unpaid order for you or remove the awaiting payment on your status.

3. Is the product price for one pair or for one lens?

All the prices given are for one pair of lenses.

4. What power should i choose if I do not wear glasses normally?

Kindly please choose 0.00 power form the product option there.

5. When will you restock / how often you do restock?

We do not have an exact date when the new stock will arrive. However, the estimate time is within 2 months depend how much stock do we need to restock. The website will be update once we have restocked.

6. Does Aikawaii sell astigmatic lens?

Sorry, we currently do not sell astigmatic lens, but we will be update to our website as soon as we carry it.

7. Do you have (+) plus prescription for farsighted?

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer prescription licenses.

8. Which Diameter / Base Curve / Prescription should I have?

Please consult with your optometry to get the correct prescription/ base curve and diameter of you both eyes.

9. Can I get different diameter from what is stated in the website?

No, you can only choose a diameter from what is stated on the website.

10. How to choose Label #1 & Label #2 for Diameter & Base Curve?

Please add an order comment by stating your preferred #Label form what is stated on website.

11. Does AiKawaii accept concealed cash?

No, we do not accept any concealed cash.

12. My products defect, what should I do?

Please contact admin@aikawaii.com immediately. Or you can refer to our Return & Exchange Policy for more information.

13. How should I know the product you sell is authentic?

All of our products are worldwide FDA Approve. Customer safety is always our number one priority.

14. I have just received my lenses, but I noticed that the color is not the same as what I have been purchase before. What makes the lens color become darker or lighter than before.

We always restock our product when it happens to be out of stock. The new batch will not always be the same as the previous one. This is due to a different batch of manufacturing. The design will remain the same but the color might be slightly different in a new batch.

15. Can I use an eye drops to my contact lens and it is safe to use?

Yes as long as you use the good correct eye drops and on the correct quantity. There are 2 different type of eye drop which is for regular eyes that can be use only without a contact lenses and the other type of eye drop which is to be use while you are wearing a contact lenses.

Shipping and Tracking:

1. Has my order been shipped?

You can always log onto your AiKawaii account and go to MY ACCOUNT and then go to VIEW PREVIOUS ORDERS and you can check your ORDER STATUS there. Also, we usually ship your order within 24 to 48 hrs.

2. Why my tracking status is ’origin post is preparing shipment’ and stays the same for quite some time?

Your tracking status will frequently be updated, but sometime there is a network issue that make your tracking status not updated. Once the products are delivered the status will be changed. Please also be reminded that shipping days are between 3 to 7 business days. (US only).

3. How to track my order?

There are few steps to track your order

  1. Check your ORDER STATUS first
  2. Make sure the status is SHIPPED
  3. Only when products are shipped, then you will be provided with TRACKING NUMBER.
  4. Once you obtain your tracking number, you can go to USPS to locate your products or go on USPS online search for your tracking number (depends on the shipping option you have chosen). If you need more information, you can always refer to TRACK & TRACE.

4. It’s been 15 days; I have not yet received anything from you?

Please be reminded that for International Registered Mail users, the shipping days are depends on where your location at and our website will show you how long for you shipping once you purchase. Of course, please add another 48hrs. of processing on top of the shipping days in your calculation. Also, we do not work on Weekend and Holiday.

5. My tracking number does not exist in Fedex or other POST agency website, why?

There are two possibilities on this case

1. Please allow two days for the POST agency to update all the parcels especially International Registered Mail, where the traffic sometimes is congested due to heavy flow. Please come back and do the checking after 2 days

2. Either typos or errors might have occurred at customer side or at our side. For your information, the tracking number is being keyed in manually and it is subjected to human errors, hence your understanding is greatly appreciated here. However, please allow two.

6. How much is the shipping cost?

We will provide FREE SHIPPING when you order more than $50 (standards shipping only). However, all other shipping is included before checkout.

7. Is the custom tax included in the price?

No, recipients are of the responsible party to pay for the custom tax if products are selected. For your information, not all the products will be levied by custom tax. Products levied by custom tax are randomly selected by the custom of respective country.